Imagine, Finally Finding a Fitness and Weight Loss Program That Could Give You the Permanent Results That You Deserve - Once and For All.

 Why choose Resolute Personal Fitness?

If you are like most people, you finally bring yourself to join that gym near your house hoping somehow that monthly fee will give you the motivation to train 5 days a week and get in the shape you have always wanted! So you get there the first day and there are about 100 pieces of cardio equipment and countless machines. Not to mention you have to wait to use the ones you want to. This can be overwhelming! What exercises do I do? How many sets? Are there always this many people here?

If you have ever felt this at all, I have a solution for you!

My name is Adam McCluskey and I am a personal trainer in Greensboro, NC. Resolute Personal Fitness is my studio, where I specialize in delivering carefully designed individual (and small group upon request) personal training with your individual goals in mind! No more walking around the gym wondering what to do next. I promise your workouts will be like none you have done before, and get you the results you want!

I could tout the benefits of my proven fitness and fat loss program all day long, but nothing I say will be as convincing as actually experiencing a training session for yourself. So, for a limited time I'm offering a totally free, no obligation fitness consultation which includes a personalized fitness assessment and a customized one-on-one training session "test drive." Just fill out the form below to claim your FREE consultation.

Yes! I'm Ready to get REAL results!

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Find the Training Method that Fits You!

If our car needs work, most of us take it to a mechanic. If you have a sickness, you go to the doctor. Yet when you need to get in shape, most people think they can do it on their own!

I, Adam McCluskey, am a fitness professional that has been trained and certified to design the right exercise and diet programs to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, in the least amount of time! 

 Everyone is different. Therefore no workout plan should be the same. At Resolute Personal Fitness our personal training programs are designed with your goals in mind. If you prefer a group setting, come in for a partner session or boot camp. Whatever the setting, come see what Resolute has to offer you! 


 One on One


The one on one, personal training, is our most popular option at Resolute Personal Fitness. You get my undivided attention, and I instruct and motivate you through each exercise. No more worrying about what exercises to do; I map out your whole workout to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible! In package sessions, I also include a detailed diet plan, because what happens at the kitchen table is just as important as what you do in the gym!


 Partner Sessions


Want to get fit but need a friend to workout with you? No problem. I can train and motivate both of you together. My experience has shown that having a friend alongside motivates some clients to new levels that otherwise would never have been possible!


 Boot Camp
Because of the intensity and comraderie, boot camps are becoming very popular in the fitness world. Come join up to ten new friends in a workout that will have your heart racing, but feeling stronger than ever! These are mostly circuit based classes, where the exercises can be modified to any fitness level! Stay posted on dates and times in the news tab of this webpage.


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